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What are Dental Savings Plans?

Dental savings plans are similar to a membership at a warehouse club. As a member you would pay an annual fee and to gain access to reduced dental procedure rates.

In addition our dental savings plans offer many benefits over traditional dental insurance. Such as; no annual caps, no waiting periods, no annual limits and no paperwork.

  • Use as often as you need — there are no limits
  • Start using it immediately — anywhere, any time
  • Everyone is approved — No wait, No restrictions
  • Cancel anytime — No Contracts

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Dental Savings Plans

Sample Dental Procedure Savings

All Dental Plans come with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee*. Start Saving Today!

Common Dental Procedures Average Price at your Dentist* The Price you'd Pay with a Dental Plan Amount you'd Save with a Dental Plan
Prophylaxis - Adult Cleaning $105 $50 $55
Extraction - Single Tooth $205 $83 $122
X-Ray - Complete Series $151 $73 $78
Filling - Amalgam $169 $65 $104
Root Canal - Front Tooth $939 $377 $562

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Our mission is to deliver reliable dental discounts to you and your family.

Monthly Dental Plan
Individual Plan - Dental Only
$9.95/ Per Month
Annual Dental Plan
Individual Plan - Dental Only
$119.40 $99.00/ Per Year
Monthly Dental Plan
Family Plan - Dental Only
$13.95/ Per Month
Annual Dental Plan
Family Plan - Dental Only
$167.40 $135.00/ Per Year

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